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Whether you need regular or vandal proof video surveillance equipment, fixed or adjustable lens video surveillance, day or night vision, dome or bullet...
CCTV Security Cameras | City101 CCTV | San Jose, CA | (888) 248-9101
You get more than what you pay for at City101 CCTV in San Jose, CA! We offer the most reliable and trusted technology available to date at a price that...
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Advanced POS machines are an integral part of your business’ security surveillance system when you want to crack down on shoplifting and false...

You can protect your business in San Jose, CA with the latest video surveillance and security cameras!

Welcome to City101 CCTV

If you live in San Jose, CA, you may not be aware that the overall crime rate in the Bay Area has been on the rise year after year, even while the national crime rate has been dropping. To combat this surge of criminal behavior, businesses and homeowners all over San Jose have turned to City101 CCTV for the best value in video surveillance equipment, security cameras, and POS machines.

As the leader in video surveillance, we are committed to offering reliable video surveillance equipment and CCTV security cameras that are not only cost effective but are also designed to expand and grow as your business grows. City101 CCTV’s technicians are here to assist you from the initial design to full scale surveillance implementation.

When you call on us to install closed circuit television security cameras, we will include access to your video surveillance cameras from your phone or any mobile devices, giving you live views from your video servers which can support single or multiple locations at the same time.

You will get the whole gamut of video surveillance support from City101 CCTV, including computer, telephone, and networking solutions for small businesses. Our services include regular IT support to complete your network integration, and we will guide you as you select the right video surveillance equipment.

You will enjoy the assistance of our experienced technicians as you choose your data room switches, routers, computers, printers, remote viewing options, and peripherals, which we will configure for you to optimize workflow and productivity. Purchase your POS machines from us, and we can synchronize your video surveillance with your POS receipts so that you can match the video recording with an individual receipt transaction exactly!

Without a doubt, City101 CCTV is the best provider of state of the art video surveillance equipment, security cameras, and point of sale machines in San Jose, CA. Get the peace of mind you seek, and allow us to secure your premises today!