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You get more than what you pay for at City101 CCTV in San Jose, CA! We offer the most reliable and trusted technology available to date at a price that you can afford. In addition, you will receive customer service support for your CCTV security cameras with an onsite replacement guarantee on all products purchased through City101 CCTV. This guarantee extends to all brands, even in the case of faulty cameras.

No other company offering closed circuit television security cameras values customers like we do. We will make sure that you get the best return on your investment. We do not just focus on reliability; we make sure that your CCTV security cameras are easy to use and that video is easy to retrieve when you need it. Also, we give you the option of buying vandal proof and weather resistant security cameras for your building entrances, parking lots, and surrounding streets.

In San Jose, CA, restaurants, retail establishments, churches, office buildings, and private homes count on City101 CCTV to always provide infrastructure that is very efficient, user-friendly, and completely compatible with your other electronic devices so that you are always the first to know if trouble is lurking around the premises.

Since we are located near the Silicon Valley, the birthplace of innovation, we take advantage of the new technologies that are being developed every day as well as new ways to implement them. We are one of the few companies that can configure your state of the art video surveillance cameras for remote monitoring and centralized video access.

Our security surveillance systems can expand as your business grows! There is no need to build an expensive system solely dedicated to monitoring your property. We can provide network solutions that fully integrate your closed circuit television security cameras and surveillance system to your current or future IT infrastructure.

There is really no contest when you need superior CCTV security cameras. Do it right the first time at no risk with City101 CCTV in San Jose!